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History Subject Support Services
This guide aims to provide assistance in finding and using resources in general and modern history.  If you are seeking information on pre-modern history, there are resources available in the library Early Cultures, Ancient, Classics, Medieval Studies, and Renaissance & Early Modern Studies, state of India, Indian freedom, movement.  
Literature Databases
About South Asia Archive
The South Asia Archive is as a specialist digital platform delivering global electronic access to culturally and historically significant literary material produced from within - and about - the Indian subcontinent.
The digitization of the original documents is non-destructive, and damaged pieces are restored as part of the digitization process before they are sent to storage. This digitization process enhances their usefulness in terms of portability, and also assures the conservation of this historically important material.
  • Subject specialist editors from India have selected and catalogued the documents specifically for this archive.
  • The archive comprises out-of-copyright material dating back to the start of the eighteenth century and up to the mid-twentieth century.
  • The content originates mainly from the Bengal area of India, consisting of unique and rare documents from primary and secondary sources.
  • A significant proportion of the collection is in English, but thirty percent of the documents are written in various vernacular languages of the period/region(s).
  • Serial collections are (where possible) complete, consisting of all available editions/volumes.
  • In order to support a global audience, all document metadata has been translated into English where necessary.
  • Images, maps, and posters are digitized in color to match the originals.
  • Content has been broken down into a number of top-level document types such as Maps, Reports, and Journals, to simplify locating a collection by document type.
  • An underlying taxonomy has been assigned to all documents consistently and logically to ensure a superior level of searchability for end-users.
  • Documents have been broken down into the smallest parts possible to support highly granular content discovery.
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Central Library has acquired huge quantity of books in the subject of history and its related area. The books can be searched through the library catalogue by visiting at

Union Catalogue of Books - DELNET
DELNET has been established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerised services to users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and also to reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible.

Access DELNET Union Catalogue for Searching Books on History and other Subjects
National Digital Library of India
The National Digital library of India is a project under Ministry of Education, Government of India. The objective is to collect and collate metadata and provide full text index from several national and international digital libraries, as well as other relevant sources. It is a digital repository containing textbooks, articles, videos, audio books, lectures, simulations, fiction and all other kinds of learning media. The NDLI provides free of cost access to many books in the Indian languages and English.

History Book Collection
The History and related subject area Books have been classified under the Class Number
930 History of ancient world to ca. 499
931 China to 420
932 Egypt to 640
933 Palestine to 70
934 India to 647
935 Mesopotamia & Iranian Plateau to 637
936 Europe north & west of Italy to ca. 499
937 Italy & adjacent territories to 476
938 Greece to 323
939 Other parts of ancient world to ca. 640
940 History of Europe
941 British Isles
942 England & Wales
943 Central Europe; Germany
944 France & Monaco
945 Italian Peninsula & adjacent islands
946 Iberian Peninsula & adjacent islands
947 Eastern Europe; Russia
948 Scandinavia
949 Other parts of Europe
950 History of Asia; Far East
951 China & adjacent areas
952 Japan
953 Arabian Peninsula & adjacent areas
954 South Asia; India
955 Iran
956 Middle East (Near East)
957 Siberia (Asiatic Russia)
958 Central Asia
959 Southeast Asia
960 History of Africa
961 Tunisia & Libya
962 Egypt & Sudan
963 Ethiopia & Eritrea
964 Northwest African coast & offshore islands
965 Algeria
966 West Africa & offshore islands
967 Central Africa & offshore islands
968 Southern Africa; Republic of South Africa
969 South Indian Ocean islands
970 History of North America
971 Canada
972 Middle America; Mexico
973 United States
974 Northeastern United States
975 Southeastern United States
976 South central United States
977 North central United States
978 Western United States
979 Great Basin & Pacific Slope region
980 History of South America
981 Brazil
982 Argentina
983 Chile
984 Bolivia
985 Peru
986 Colombia & Ecuador
987 Venezuela
988 Guiana
989 Paraguay & Uruguay
990 History of other areas
991 [Unassigned]
992 [Unassigned]
993 New Zealand
994 Australia
995 Melanesia; New Guinea
996 Other parts of Pacific; Polynesia
997 Atlantic Ocean islands
998 Arctic islands & Antarctica
999 Extraterrestrial worlds
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